Khmara Cloud Pendant Light Style B

Dhs. 195.00


Khmara lamp is a spherical cloud created to light up the interior world with tenderness. It never rains. It smells like cotton candy and tastes like a summer morning. Khmara transforms the ceiling into the sky. Because if dreaming big — then under the beholder of the true heights.

The lamp gives you freedom in all the properties. Choose the material, size, or even color. In your home universe, everything impossible is possible. Don`t miss that chance.

Product Size

Size: Dia 25cm x H 17cm / ∅ 9.8″ x H 6.7″

Size: Dia 30cm x H 17cm / ∅ 11.8″ x H 6.7″

Size: Dia 40cm x H 23cm / ∅ 15.7″ x H 9.1″

Size: Dia 60cm x H 29cm / ∅ 23.6″ x H 11.4″

Size: Dia 80cm x H 34cm / ∅ 31.5″ x H 13.4″

Size: Dia 100cm x H 34cm / ∅ 39.3″ x H 13.4″ (2 Bulb)


Material: Resin, Metal.

Light source: LED bulb or Edison bulb.

Light source base typeE26 or E27.

Voltage: AC 110-240V.

Moisture resistance: for use in bathrooms, kitchens, and covered outdoor areas.

Mounting: Ceiling.

Environment: Indoor.

Shade Finish: White, Beige.

Wiring: Hardwired.

Control: Compatible with common wall switch (not included).

59″ Adjustable hanging height cable. Can be extended upon request.

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